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An end-to-end solution for Hotel Guests to book and send packages anywhere in the world from the convenience of their hotel lobby.

Our goal is simple. Convenience.

To partner with the world’s best hotel groups to deliver easy, affordable global courier services for hotel guests.

With SENDITHOME, we transform an uncoordinated and time-consuming process into a seamless experience welcomed by today’s mobile-driven guest.

Vacation Logistics is working with Hotel Groups to design and implement the perfect hotel guest courier experience.

Let's create an opportunity within your group to let your guests buy what they LOVE and SEND IT HOME or anywhere. The model is simple and convenient, and we are confident you will love it. We turn hotel locations into courier pick-up points. Guests can book, pay and ship their packages home or anywhere using our trusted global courier partners such as FedEx, DHL and UPS.

The size of a suitcase shouldn’t restrict memories.

See how we can increase the happiness of your guests by offering them the solution of more. We can help increase productivity for your lobby staff by providing a seamless and fast solution for left-behind belongings. Save time for your team. Increase your Hotel Guest Satisfaction and offer an augmented convenient service that will increase the emotional attachment and loyalty to your brand. Help them SEND IT HOME.

Convenience is our Goal. Connection is our Product.

Our intelligent AI and API integrations with partner networks turn your hotel locations into pick-up points. Our systems and processes make implementation intuitive and straightforward. We have everything covered, from customer journey design, marketing material, and customer service to training manuals for your team.

Why Partner with
Vacation Logistics?

With Vacation Logistics, your hotel stands
to gain immense benefits that elevate
guest experience and streamline your
operations. These include:

Enhance Guest

Increase Staff

Stay Ahead of
the Curve

Generate Additional

Improve Service


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